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The Journey of the Midnight Flight

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

A couple of weeks ago, I received an exciting email. I opened it to read that Brescia University College was interested in showing a piece of my artwork in their upcoming exhibition celebrating their centennial anniversary. They asked for a specific piece by name as well.

I've never had someone request a piece of my artwork by name, or had someone want to exhibit anything by request. This was a first for me. It was exciting, and it was such an honour.

It turned out that they wanted to show "Midnight Flight", which was part of the Westland Square Foot Show and Sale last July. It was one of the pieces that hadn't sold, but it made enough of an impact that it was actually remembered half a year later. This was a piece of work that was going to have a second chance where more people could see it and maybe it would sell. A digital image and description of the artwork were also going to become a part of the archive so that future Brescia students would be able to to contemplate the artwork among the others being shown.

As the date drew closer, I learned more and more about how special it was to be invited to be a part of this event. This was for Brescia's Centennial event and there were over 1700 pieces viewed in the selection process, and mine was one that spoke to them. Several local artists would be included, but another of the honours was that my art would be shown with art created by a Group of 7 artist, A.J. Casson!

They hosted an event where the artists of the various artwork were invited to attend the opening of the event. I was able to meet some of the other artists, but I was also able to hear from people who were impacted by "Midnight Flight".

You never know how much your artwork can move someone.

People shared how they enjoyed my artwork, but also how the symbolism and imagery evoked memories and meaning. It reminded them of someone who loved butterflies, of made them think of a symbol that they carried, it also carried a spiritual meaning with the spirals that were highlighted with wire in the nighttime sky.

I was taught to create art that evoked emotion and was open to some interpretation, and I was totally blessed to hear from each person who spoke with me, and shared with me about their stories.

It was loved so much that I had to say goodbye to this artwork, as it appears that it will be going home with someone else. There were a couple of people who shared interest in purchasing it. I will be very happy that it can be continually enjoyed in someone's home.

I am very thankful for the journey that this piece brought me on, for the people that I met, and that it did not sell last July. It was a meaningful experience that gives me hope and encouragement to be patient with some of my other art, because you never know when a piece of art meets the right person, and evokes such a deep experience.

Tina Rae

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