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Painting the Impostor

Finger Painting a Fish

Paint one of the "Among Us" characters. Suitable for tweens and teens who love playing the game. 

Needed Supplies:

-3 colours of paint (white, Black and a colour of your choice)

-2 paint brushes (1 thin and one thicker)

- Canvas 9x7 or 8x10

- PDF printout posted here

- cup with water

- Paper towel

- Container to Mix paints

- Scissors

Use your fingers to create parts of this colourful fish. Best suited for children ages 6-12.

Needed Supplies:

- Craft Paint (Black, White, Red and Blue)

- small canvas or cardstock (You can even use an old cereal box)

- Bottle Cap

- 1 Black Marker

- 2 Brushes (1 thicker and one thinner for detailed work)

- Cup with water

- Paper Towel

- Paper Plate

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