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A Weekend of Encouragement

Updated: Oct 27, 2017

Our Family just came home from a great weekend at the Ilderton Fair. This is the second year that my family and I have entered and it has been quite encouraging, as it was last year.

Last year, in early September, my family visited extended family and we were invited to attend their local fair. It had been a while since I had attended a small town fair, and even longer since I had entered anything. As we waited for the demolition Derby to begin, I took some time to wander the Homecraft building and it brought back memories of the fair I had entered as a teen.

I thought to myself that I wanted to do that again, I wanted to enter, and I specifically wanted to enter my art. I knew that the Ilderon Fair was happening in a few weeks, but I had not thought that we qualified since we do not officially live in Ilderton or really on a farm nearby either, but we lived on the right side of the city. All it took was a phone call and for me to ask the question, "Can I enter?", and the answer was "yes".

I was excited to enter after so many years and I had a few paintings that I could enter if the categories were right... and they were. My children and I pulled together a few entries and waited to see what would happen. My kids did well and I placed on 4 of my paintings. I was very encouraged.

With a little more time to prepare for the 2017 Fair, my children and I worked on entries again and we placed well once again. In addition to placing with my artwork, I also received a first in a photography category which is quite a difficult competition with many entries. This meant a lot since I had not placed at all last year. If you keep trying, you never know what results you will get.

I was also pleased to hear some feedback from the judges support team about some of the behind the scenes discussion about the judging. I was told that my Wine Glass coloured pencil drawing not only received 1st place, but was so close to receiving "Best in Show!" Wow! I was told that the judge had a hard time choosing between mine and the one that won. The winner was a great piece of work though, and I really was glad to hear that I was Runner up to "Best in Show." It is just more encouragement to keep on creating new works of art.

My accomplishments from this past Ilderton Fair

My daughter placed 1st in this floral category

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